Iam a developer from Varaždin, Croatia. I have been experimenting with technology and various programming languages as long as I can remember. I love challenges, and they are my best motivator, they make me learn more and expand my horizons. I like out-of-the-box ideas and respect minimalist and innovative design.

I spend a lot of my time creating web applications. I love PHP and usually pair it with my favourite MVC framework - Laravel. I have several years of experience in creating custom CMS for my clients. Recently, by taking up a job in the industry I am working on a lot of high-traffic websites.

I am well informed about web application security and I strive to write every line of code with security considerations in my mind. Some of my time was dedicated to teaching myself the "other end of the stick" (ie. application exploitation) which has proven to be a great asset in my work.

Work Experience

Trikoder d.o.o. - Junior Backend Developer February 2015 - Current

Development and maintenance of high-traffic PHP web applications.

Freelance - Web Developer February 2014 - Current

Development of custom content management systems and frontend solutions.


Faculty of Organization and Informatics - [BD] Information Systems 2014 - Current

Curriculum Vitae

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Basic Information

  • Name: Igor Rinkovec
  • Date of Birth: 16 of March 1996
  • Town: Varaždin, Croatia


PHP - Very proficient, my main language of choice - experience in the industry
C++ - Proficient, experience with algorithm implementation in competitive programming competitions
HTML/CSS/JS - Proficient, experience with dozens of frontend implementations
Git - Advanced Git user
Unix - Unix power user (OSX), experience with common DevOps procedures